Altralite™ Steel End Dump Trailers

End Dump Trailer

Finally – a lightweight steel end-dump trailer that can stand up to the demands of even the toughest construction projects. We’ve combined a high-quality, high-tensile steel with the heavy-duty design and construction quality that Kalyn Siebert is known for. Now you can economically haul a wider range of payloads with confidence that the Kalyn Siebert Advantage is behind you.

Altralite - The Lightweight Steel Dump Trailer Model #AL-3835

Image of Altralite - The Lightweight Steel Dump Trailer Model #AL-3835.

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Altralite - The Lightweight Steel Dump Trailer Model #AL-3835

Capacity26.3 yds3 without side boards; 30.9 yds3 with side boards; GAWR and tire rating determine legal loads
Overall nominal dimensions8’ 6” wide X 38’ 6" length
Additional options available, please contact Kalyn Siebert sales for more information.
Tailgate11 Gauge High Strength Steel, fully braced, top hinged. Tailgate has a 15o forward slant for positive closing. Air latch with dual cylinders. Manual air release valve mounted on roadside center bolster
Sides12 Gauge High Strength Steel
Body StyleBathtub style, designed to keep loads center of gravity closer to trailers longitudinal centerline
Hydraulic Cylinder5-stage telescopic with 265" total stroke. 34.5 gal oil capacity required to totally fill cylinder. Maximum operating pressure of 2000 psi
Dump Angle46 degrees. Trailer dumps with all 4 wheels on ground through the entire dump cycle. There are no axles stops
Front Bulk Head11 Gauge High Strength Steel, sloped to decrease wind resistance and promote fuel economy
Upper coupler:Rocking, break-away king pin assembly with 2" SAE king pin and 15” king pin setting 49” fifth wheel height
FloorOne Piece, 11 Gauge High Strength Steel
Suspension50K single point tandem with five-leaf springs set at 44" spring centers, 50" axle to axle center
AxlesTwo axles, OEM, 5” round with 1/2” wall, tapered spindles, 22,500 lb nominal capacity
Hubs10 Stud, hub piloted, long studs, steel hub
DrumsCast Drum
Brakes16½” X 7” Air (parking brakes on both axles)
Slack AdjustersAutomatic Slack Adjusters
WheelsSteel disc wheels, 8¼ X 24½
TiresOEM, 11R24.5, 14PR radial tires
Mud FlapsRubber, Anti-Spray, Anti-Sail Mud Flaps
Finishing (Paint & trim)Shot blasted prior to paint. Epoxy primer and White polyurethane paint. Air and electrical lines installed after painting is completed
Lights & ElectricalLED-Sealed beam with mid turn signal, 12 volt. 7-way plug. (2 tail light package)
Conspicuity TapeDiscontinuous On Both Sides
ManualOne operator manual per order will be provided. Parts manual available as option
Warranty1 Year
Weight12,100 lbs +3% tolerance. For trailers other than standard specification, weight and dimensional drawing will be provided by plant after order is received and accepted
CommentsImages may include non-standard options

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AltraLiteTM Steel Dump – Model #AL-3835

38' feet overall length and 30.9 yds of capacity can be pushed to a 46 degree dump angle with both axles firmly planted on the ground with the Kalyn Siebert Texas end dump.