Mid-America Trucking Show

Come see Kalyn Siebert at the Mid-America Trucking Show on March 26-28, 2015, located at the Kentucky Expo Center, in Louisville, KY.

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Kalyn Siebert has engineered and manufactured three new proprietary integrated platforms to fit Sherman + Reilly's specific market needs.

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Manufacturing Marvels

Kalyn Siebert featured on Fox Business News Manufacturing Marvels.

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Fleet Equipment LLC

When I joined the Fleet Equipment sales team in Memphis, TN, I really didn’t know anything about Kalyn Siebert. So I made a trip down to their factory, met with their team and took a plant tour. I came away thoroughly impressed with what I saw and confident that Kalyn Siebert could help me fill my specialized customers’ needs.

I’ve worked real closely with Kalyn Siebert on a couple of models as well as recently working with the team to modify one of their standard trailer models to fit Fleet Equipment’s stock trailer needs. This collaboration has been very successful, to the point where I’ve sold most of these new Fleet Equipment stock trailers even before they were completed at the factory. In fact, right now is the first time as of today that one of these stock trailers has actually hit the ground and has not been sold before it’s finished. That’s a pretty good track record!

"I came away thoroughly impressed with what I saw and confident that Kalyn Siebert could help me fill my specialized customers’ needs."

I continue to do business with Kalyn Siebert because they are willing to work closely with us when a customer has a specific need or is trying to achieve something specific. We’ve been very successful matching our customers’ needs with Kalyn Siebert trailers and making them happy — and as a result, sales have been great. There are some manufacturers that try; not many that succeed. When it comes to getting what we’re looking for with our customers, Kalyn Siebert is the best relationship I have. The Kalyn Siebert team is really easy to do business with — from our Kalyn sales contact to their engineering group.

Kalyn Siebert trailers are quality-built trailers. The engineering is very thorough. The fit and finish is excellent. And the ultimate grade, if you will, is when the customer sees it for the first time and puts that first load on it, and it performs as expected in their eyes. Kalyn Siebert has excelled at that.

I believe Kalyn Siebert is a very well-run company. They have good leadership, great communication and dealer support, and they have a great product. They work very closely with me and communicate very well, and they just do a great job from my perspective as to what a manufacturer should do. I think the future looks very bright for Fleet’s relationship with Kalyn. As a trailer manufacturer, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would put Kalyn Siebert at a 9 ½.

Perry Franks

Trailer Sales Specialist

Fleet Equipment LLC

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